Baby Repeatedly Gets Told 'No', Finds It Hysterical

KiahTuckerPublished: November 24, 201719,273 views
Published: November 24, 2017

When they get a certain age, when they don’t have to be held upright by mom or dad, babies become a bit handsy around themselves, leading up to those “terrible two’s" that we will not mention in this here video. When that phase hits, do not let your kid manipulate you into thinking they are the boss in this enterprise you call a “family"!

When radio personality Kiah Tucker’s baby son Theodore had begun sitting on his own, his home had quickly become his little oyster! Everything that those chubby little arms can reach, they will touch! When it comes to safe, inanimate objects, like walls, handles, mom’s purse, dad’s belt buckle, that is all fine. But then, Theodore can a little bit too up close and personal with the cable stuck in a power outlet.

In this clip, tiny chubby Theo pushes the limits of basically everything from mom’s patience to electricity’s reach by trying to touch the cable in that power outlet. Here’s the looney twist - every time mom’s says “no" to warn him off his intentions, Theo giggles like a little mad scientist, as if taunting her to feel how far her nerves can be stretched.

Every time mom tells him off, Theodore reaches back for that black cable again, but not moving his baby blue eye’s off mom’s once! “He’s gonna be a problem" says mommy and we can’t agree more!

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      joanie1 · 47 weeks ago

      adorable little guy but wow is he going to be a big problem as he grows up!