4 Dec 2023 ~ Enlightened Heights ~ SG: Bobbie Brown

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Goldylocks Productions presents Enlightened Heights with Marcia Colver ~ Episode 54

Marcia Colver Reichert lives in Bridger, Montana. When she is not hanging out in the mountains of Montana fishing or helping with the animals, she can be found bouncing all over the country, empowering people, and spreading joy and love through the sharing of her magical voice.
Marcia is certified as a Reiki Master, a massage therapist educated in eastern and western medicine, reflexologist, NeuroMuscular Therapist, and hypnotist. She is further trained as an astrologer, a vibrational medicine practitioner, shamanism, and is a High Priestess. She combines all this training with her psychic abilities to give her clients the most valuable experience possible.

Her purpose is to bring to humanity the true power and grace of the sacred feminine through healing with love as a high priestess dedicated to all feminine energies. The many ways of forging a path to healing are understanding and clearing alternate soul lives, generational trauma, and limiting beliefs. She assists the client in helping find these traumas or limitations and transmute the energy around and through them to help them step into their power.


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Special Guest: Bobbie Brown

Bobbie Brown grew up in eastern Montana, loving life on the family’s small farm. After school he became a Marine and served 6 years and did 2 deployments overseas. During that time he learned the fundamentals of teaching as a team leader and squad leader, then later as a marksmanship instructor.

He has continued teaching through the years in one of the most rewarding and difficult occupations one can undertake; the oilfields of Montana and North Dakota.

He became interested in the paranormal soon after he began following Christ, and started Dweller in the Cellar Paranormal Investigation in 2013. Which is dedicated to teaching, helping, and encouraging people.

He is a husband and grandfather, podcast host and author, mighty hunter and typical fisherman, who is almost as excited to be Marcia’s guest as he is to be her cousin.



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