Malone, McCullough, Kory, Cole, Martin, Kirsch, Yeadon, Dalgleish Join Bridgen In U.K. Parliament

3 months ago

Andrew Bridgen @ABridgen writes:

Tomorrow, I'm hosting a historic meeting in Parliament at which doctors and analysts will give expert testimony on the pandemic and its consequences. All MPs & Lords have been formally invited. Ask your MP to attend using the template below:



Oracle Films @OracleFilmsUK writes:

TOMORROW 4TH DECEMBER - MP Andrew Bridgen is joined by Dr David E. Martin, Dr Robert Malone, Dr Ryan Cole, Dr Pierre Kory, Professor Angus Dalgleish & Steve Kirsch who will be giving expert testimony on the Pandemic & its consequences. With a video address from Dr Peter McCullough AND Dr Mike Yeadon!

Please continue to lobby MPs to attend, letter template can be found here:




From Dr. Pierre Kory @PierreKory:

Expert Testimony In A UK Parliament Meeting Today

Although not an official Parliamentary hearing, we anticipate a strong turn-out to MP Andrew Bridgen's @ABridgen meeting called "Democracy, Truth, and Freedom."

I am here in London upon the invitation of the courageous MP Andrew Bridgen to speak at a Parliamentary meeting with my colleagues Robert Malone @RWMaloneMD, Ryan Cole @drcole12, Angus Dalgleish, David Martin @DrDMartinWorld, and Steve Kirsch @stkirsch (Peter McCullough @P_McCulloughMD and Mike Yeadon are testifying remotely).

As of now, we are being told that filming/streaming of our testimony is not allowed but I will send out a link if this changes...

Also, for UK citizens, please continue to lobby MPs to attend, the letter template can be found here:

I hope that our testimony will have significant impact as it is my sense that the truth is finally starting to break free from the immense censorship and propaganda of the past few years. I am not holding my breath given that my hopes have been dashed in the wake prior testimonies. However, there is no other option but to keep trying because I refuse to live in a world of deadly Covid policies based on immense scientific fraud. Let’s see what happens...


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