Newborn calf gets a little love from her mom

Published November 23, 2017 2,609 Views $11.80 earned

Rumble / Funny & Cute AnimalsHamish's Farm is home to lots of amazing animals. The newest of them is Scarlett, a newborn Jersey calf. She is three days old and is not yet steady on her legs. Scarlett and her mother, Jessie spend their days wandering the meadows of the farm while Jessie grazes and Scarlett drinks milk.

Scarlett is a very hungry baby and she nurses frequently. Jessie must eat almost constantly to keep up with the demand for milk. Scarlett will grow quickly and she will also learn to eat grass and hay after about six to eight months.

Jessie is a very devoted mother and she shows it by licking Scarlett's head as if she is giving her baby a big sponge bath. A mix of affection and cleaning, the calf doesn't seem to mind the shower of attention. Jessie wanders off and Scarlett decides she wants to investigate the camera recording the exchange.

Jersey cows are known to be curious and affectionate cows. Scarlett walks straight up to the lens for a good look and a good sniff. As if she is unsure, she steps back, realizes her mother has moved on toward the meadow and she hurries after her. The two will be almost inseparable over the next half year and Scarlett won't let Jessie out of her sight.

Hamish’s Farm in Keene, Ontario, is an incredible place that is home to horses, cows, donkeys, goats, dogs, sheep and a very entertaining and spunky cockatoo named Syd. Syd believes he is the boss as well as the chief entertainer. All of the animals have their own personalities and they are treated like family by Hamish and his mother, Gertrud.

The farm was lost in a fire that broke out in November of 2016. Fortunately, all of the animals were saved and Hamish and Gertrud have been able to rebuild. The birth of Scarlett, as well as some other new additions on the farm, shows that life moves forward, even after tragedy.