This Is How Not To Steal A Keg Of Beer

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Published: November 23, 2017

This isn’t another alcohol soaked tale of depravity, but rather a story about a big, fat, failed theft! Security camera filmed one hilarious video on November 12, 2017 which emerged in Roma, Queensland, Australia, showing a man trying to steal a keg of beer but failing in the process.

Reportedly, this guy tried to enter the Zone Nightclub, but security didn’t allow him to enter because he looked like he had a lot to drink and seemed like he had been fighting as he had blood all down his face. At that moment, security didn’t know that he had tried to steal a keg of beer. When they saw the keg in the middle of the road, they realized what happened and watched the security footage, which clearly shows the failed attempt of the buzzed thief.

Footage shows karma in its finest form, after a man tries to steal a keg of beer. It was filmed in the early hours and features the drunk man walking into frame carrying the heary keg of beer. Moments later, he trips over the keg and falls to the ground, as the keg slowly slips away and starts rolling away from him. This is one hilarious fail!

The man is slightly unconscious and just lays on the ground, besides the stolen keg unable to get back up. That is how he loses the keg, as it starts to slowly roll away down the pavement The video has been viewed more than 14,000 times since uploaded to Club Hotel Roma's Facebook page and the notorious thief is the star of the show!

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