Dog begs for fruit but hates it

Doxie_PomPublished: November 23, 2017Updated: November 27, 2017
Published: November 23, 2017Updated: November 27, 2017

When Pom the Dachshund started begging for a piece of tangerine her owner already knew what was coming, so he started filming her reaction when she actually got a piece!
As she sits patiently to get a piece of tangerine, she isn't that happy anymore after her owner tries to hand it to her; she quickly jumps to another place on the couch! When approaching her again with the fruit, she rapidly moves past her owner and jumps to a different couch.
Trying not to stress her, he places the piece of tangerine on the couch so she can come as close as she thinks is good for her. After gathering some courage, she walks up to it to sniff it and tries to pick it up between her teeth, but due to the strong scent the raises her lips and is not able to pick it up. After walking around a bit, not daring to pick it up, she decides it's enough and walks up to her owner to give him some cuddles.

Although several citrus fruits can be poisonous for dogs, it's no problem to give your dog a few pieces of tangerine or oranges. A small dog like Pom can have one or two segments of tangerine without issues, bigger dogs can even have some more. If fed in large amounts, the excess sugar, dietary fiber and citric acid from the tangerines can upset your dog’s stomach, but in small amounts (a few segments a day), it’s safe for dogs to eat tangerines.
Never give your dog lemon or lime as they are highly acidic, and because of that they are very likely to upset your dog’s stomach. It’s also unlikely that a dog would even want to eat a lemon or a lime, but most dogs do love the sweet taste of tangerines.

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