Waxed Cold Love - Watchmen Radio - 12/03/23

7 months ago

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#Democrats love banning people while pretending to be for free speech

Persecution for speaking the truth, is not the same as being punished by God for sin.

The Democrats are fighting each other and Witches are lobbing curses at each other. But there’s at least one high level Warlock with concern for his fellow Warlock during the loneliness of the holidays.

Christians are called to love, service, and helping the poor, from love unfeigned, and not to ripping each other to look smart, and then extending a phony counterfeit love.

We are going to pray this Warlock Joe into the Kingdom.

Hebrew Roots and keeping the law rejects the grace of God so those persons are prone to Spirit of Death comes on them.

By the love Christians have for one another, Jesus said we would be known, a self-sacrificing love.

Christians are condemning newly Born Again Kat Von D, which is silly and immature.

Who are you to judge another man’s servant, your fellow Christian?

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