Wild Deer Knocks On Cabin And Asks For Chips

Published November 22, 2017 1,717,852 Views

Rumble / Unreal AnimalsA wild white-tailed deer comes knocking at a cabin door looking for Doritos and other goodies. A video emerged of a wild deer, shamelessly banging on the door of a wooden cabin, in search for some potato chips. This deer must have heard about the tradition of trick-or-treating, going from door to door, begging for food, and he decided to give it a try!

This hilarious moment was caught on camera and is filmed in the north woods of Wisconsin. The amazing footage shows self-domesticated wild deer on a quest for Doritos. Look at her bang on the door, begging for food. The hospitable humans, invited the deer into their cabin and fed her with chips. Well, this is something you don’t see everyday! Deer eating Doritos right out of human’s hand!

This video is proof that deer love potato chips, but that doesn’t mean it is good for them to feed on them. The young deer in the video can’t seem to get enough of the salty snack. We do not approve feeding deer chips because it can be bad for their stomach!

Of course, it seems kind of cute and funny, but feeding wild deer with chips has negative consequences because they have complex digestive systems. Foods that deer aren’t used to eating can make them sick and die.