MAGQI Wireless Car Charger Mount Review

Published November 22, 2017 0 Plays

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I've used a magnetic mount in my vehicle for a few years, and love it. I never liked the 'clamp'-type car mounts for cell phones. However, the main negative I discovered about the magnetic mounts were the necessary metal plate I had to stick to the back of my phone. I don't like using a cell phone case, so the metal disc always was stuck directly to my phone. Not a huge deal, until I got a cell phone with built in Qi wireless charging. Now, that little metal disc blocked what could be a really useful feature. Enter the MAGQI wireless car charger mount - not only is it a magnetic mount, but it CHARGES your phone too!

This comes with options for a suction cup mount or an air vent mount, as well as a USB cable. I'm using the air vent mount in my vehicle, and I wish I had another top so I could use the suction mount in my office. The top fits very well and doesn't move much at all while driving - very little vibration.

The sticker for the back of the phone is a little bracket with four cell-battery-sized magnets in the corners and a hole in the middle covered by two stickers on the front and back. There is a teeny piece of double-stick tape that, frankly, isn't great. The magnets are so strong that you will rip that sticker right off your phone. This is clearly designed to go inside a phone case, as the tape is an afterthought. Thankfully, I had my own double stick tape I applied so mine fits on the glass back of my Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge quite well.

The wireless charging works perfectly and the magnets not only hold the phone snugly on the charger in the car, but it also turns my phone into a magnet, so I can stick my phone on the fridge, the side of my desk, or the bathroom stall wall if I feel like it. Probably won't be putting my phone in my pocket next to a credit card however.

The biggest plus for me is that there is no noise through my headphone cable while charging the phone wirelessly. My vehicle has Bluetooth, but only for call audio and not for media audio. This means I had to plug in my phone as well as an aux cable to listen to my podcast during my commute. However, with both those cables plugged in I was always getting some noise/static through the speakers. Often, this meant I could choose either charging or listening to my podcast and not both. Now, I can do both!

The wireless charge isn't as fast as the wired connection, but I think I may purchase a 'quick charge' USB car adapter at some point which will speed that up. It's perfectly sufficient for me in my daily use, and while it might not charge my phone super-fast, it will still charge and keep my phone running.

Overall, I'm super happy with this. I think it'd be better if the sticker for the back had better tape and the graphics were better, but I may end up peeling off the sticker and making my own cover for the four little magnets at some point. Or I'll just suck it up and buy a case. If you do have a case, there is a bit of room required for the magnets, so hopefully you won't have an issue.