Man Saves Young Moose From Certain Death

TheBoneYardTV Published November 22, 2017 11,660 Plays

Rumble / Everyday HeroesPeople have divided opinion about what to do when they see an injured wild animal. Some say that proper authorities should be contacted and leave it be, while others believe that every second counts and springing into action is the only way there is!

Most people will never be in a position to have to make this kind of decision. However, for those who live in more rural areas, it might be something they are forced to comply with whether they like it or not.

Calvin Buckler had to make that decision for himself one day when he received a call from a lady who informed him that a moose has been caught in a barbed wire fence. Calvin had to make a decision, and fast, because he was running out of time as the moose was stuck in the fence and suffering great pain, and coyotes could attack the poor animal.

This brave man rushed to save the stuck moose who was in great pain. Watch as Calvin fearlessly saves a young bull moose that somehow caught its leg in a barbed wire fence.

When Calvin got on scene, he spotted the stuck bull moose desperately trying to remove its back leg from the fence, desperately crying for help. Calvin used special barbed wire scissors to rescue the moose. When the moose is finally rescued and he cannot feel his numb leg and it is very sad to see that there is an open wound and the leg is bleeding. The moose is in pain, but at least it is free to go.


  • nyITguy, 1 year ago

    Nice guy, saved it so he could "harvest" it later.

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