[CLIP] The Truth About the Hostages and the Israel-Hamas ‘Ceasefire’—Colonel Richard Kemp | ATL:NOW

2 months ago

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“Hamas was unable to meet their obligations by producing a list of additional hostages that they were willing to release. And they claim, I gather, that they just didn't know where these hospitals are, and therefore couldn't provide a list—couldn't release them. Now, that might be true, it might not be true.”

Colonel Richard Kemp is a former British army commander and the author of “Attack State Red; A Landmark Tour of Duty in Afghanistan.” He is a frequent commentator on Middle Eastern affairs, paying special attention to Islamic terrorism and military operations of the Israeli Defense Forces.

“The reason that Hamas agreed to release the hostages they've released, as I said before—about 100 of them—is because of the military pressure Israel was putting on Hamas,” says Colonel Kemp, who claims that the IDF is the most ethical army in the world, frequently risking the lives of their own citizenry in order to minimize casualties on the enemy side.

“[The IDF] dropped many, many leaflets on the southern areas of Gaza, warning people they were about to attack in those areas that they need to leave. They even dropped maps showing safe places to go to, which is pretty much unprecedented. They've made thousands of phone calls, sent many thousands of text messages—millions of text messages actually, if you look at the overall campaign—in order to tell civilians in Gaza to get out of a certain area and go to a different area where they're safer,” says Colonel Kemp. “On the other hand, Hamas—they want Israel to kill their civilian population. They see them as weapons of war. They want to do everything they can to make sure the IDF kills Palestinian civilians. And the reason for that is to bring pressure on Israel from the world community—from the United States, from the U.N., etc.—to delegitimize Israel, to isolate Israel, to vilify Israel. That's what their whole strategy is based on.”

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