This Woman Goes Grocery Shopping In The Oldest Clothes In The World

ZoominTVLifestylePublished: November 21, 201740 views
Published: November 21, 2017

Meet Zhiluo Gao who is awakening a 3500 year old Dynasty with her dressing and hairstyle. Zhiluo is Chinese from Luoyang living in Kyoto, a very modern city in Japan. However, in her Hanfu wardrobe she looks like an ancient goddess trapped in this modern world.

She is obsessed with Hanfu, she wears it at home, she wears it when she goes out, because she feels that Hanfu is wearable anywhere and anytime. Hanfu is the traditional clothing of the Han nationality. It’s endowed with rich historical and cultural meaning.

People often comment on Zhiluo’s clothes when they see her strolling down the streets and believe that it is super cute, and that she looks like a high-ranking aristocrat. The Hanfu clothing makes her stand out from the crowd.

When she was nine-years-old, she started learning the traditional Chinese instrument ‘Pipa’ and she would often perform in ancient style costumes, starting to understand and appreciate the style. After that she fell in love for the beauty of Hanfu and regularly spends a quarter of her salary on Hanfu.

She doesn’t think that wearing a Hanfu is that much different to wearing modern, casual clothes every day. It is good that her husband supports her passion for Hanfu and even wears Hanfu to hang out with her. When she wants to experiment new hairstyles, he lets her practice on his hair. What a supporting husband! Beauty is what makes you comfortable and free, concludes Zhiluo.

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