The cat has sheltered a dog and has washed him the language

Dogacat Published November 21, 2017 0 Plays

Rumble How do the cat and a dog get on together? Here to you answer! The dog who less cat twice, streamed with a cat and he is now her owner. The cat looks after a dog, protects from enemies, gives the food and shows the strongest mercy. Though say that a cat and a dog enemies, but in the majority they are allies and live moderately peacefully. And here directly universal love passing all standards of fauna. He begins usually with an ear, and in this video he something hasn't wanted and has begun with a back. And the dog lies goes bananas and derives general pleasure from process. In this plan it is possible to tell that a dog specially come to derive short pleasure, and the cat only hates a dog smell and tries to eliminate him, the most effective according to him in the way.