Here's Why You Shouldn't Play Music While Cleaning

Kliff555Published: November 21, 2017448 views
Published: November 21, 2017

Playing music can turn any boring task into a fun one. However, you might end up not getting any work done!

Clifford had to do the chores that day, a tedious task that need to be taken care of if he wants his home to look at least presentable. So he grabs the broom and begins <a href="" target="_blank">sweeping</a>, but all that repetitive movement does is make him fall asleep. So, what better way to keep himself alert, but to play some music in the background, to make time pass more quickly?

It is a slippery slope from there! Clifford plays “Bonsam Ani", which means “The Devil’s Eye" by American rapper Guru. At first, Clifford is slowly jamming to the beat of the song, while also doing his <a href="" target="_blank">chore</a>, but he eventually turns it into an amateur dance performance to feast the eyes. He may have done a poor job at cleaning, but he certainly had fun.

According to Clifford Owusu's YouTube channel, he is a Ghanaian American comedian and entertainer whose dancing, humor, and positivity have won over African and non-African viewers alike. He is internationally known for his dancing & comedy videos on YouTube. Clifford has traveled internationally to share his trademark humor, and had his videos featured on Good Morning America,, Pandora Radio, BET and BuzzFeed. A firm believer in the ability of dancing to bring happiness and bring people together, he infuses his videos with elements of his culture that include music and comedy.

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