Fast-Thinking Squirrel Outsmarts A Cat As They Play Chase Up A Tree

Published November 21, 2017 4,008 Plays

Rumble / Funny & Cute AnimalsCats are known for being extremely agile and great climbers, but as this video shows, they have absolutely nothing on squirrels. Footage shows the feline looking around the tree before side stepping in the direction of the squirrel. Catch me if you can! Watch how this cheeky squirrel drives a cat nuts as it keeps just out of claws' reach on a tree.

Ninja cat climbs a tree to catch a squirrel as the cheeky squirrel outsmarts the cat in a hilarious tree game! A video of a helpless cat chasing a squirrel round a tree has made our day.
Rather than simply running up the tree and escaping the cat, the squirrel chose to play with the cat, leading a chase game for several minutes.

The hungry cat was on a quest to snatch a squirrel, but failed every time because the sly squirrel is closely watching and anticipating the cat’s movements, pausing when the cat stops, before changing direction and continuing the game.

This cheeky rodent is completely aware of what the cat is up to and knows that it is a far more accomplished climber. The game of cat and squirrel continues for quite some time with the feline being outfoxed by the rodent on every turn.

Humorously, the squirrel appears to be so confident in its ability that it doesn't even attempt to move that far away from the cat. Instead, it moves just enough to be out of target, but close enough to tease the feline. Forget about the cat and mouse chase, this one is more fun!