Major iPhone IOS 17.x Upgrade Warning by Police

6 months ago

Across America, multiple police departments have issued serious alerts about a recent iPhone update that can be used by predators to target children.
Specifically, if you (or your child) has an iPhone — and you recently updated the iOS operating system to the latest version (which is iOS 17) — then you should know about a new feature called Name Drop.
Now, on the surface, this feature is really convenient. Instead of having to make a new contact, and manually punching in someone’s phone number — you can just share your information with them automatically.
However, here’s the catch: unbeknownst to most people, with the recent update, this new feature is (by default) turned on — leading police departments across the country to issue warnings for children.
To Disable NameDrop on iPhone:
1. Open the “Settings” option
2. Tap the “General” option
3. Tap the “AirDrop” tab, which controls the file-sharing features of the phone
4. Turn off the “Bringing Devices Together” option

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