Ken Paxton Sues Pfizer, the Use of Nanotech in Food and Eating Fake Meat is… Cannibalism? | In the Foxhole with Karen Kingston & Jeff Dornik

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Karen Kingston weighs in on the latest breaking news of Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton suing Pfizer for misrepresenting the efficacy of the covid jabs and conspiring to censor public discourse. There’s been a bunch of lawsuits prior to this attempting to take on the covid jabs, but this just may be the one to succeed. Finally, someone is making the right arguments!

During this episode of In the Foxhole, Karen Kingston and Jeff Dornik also discuss the nanotechnology that is found in the food industry, and the surprising fact that some vegan “fake meat” is actually made with human tissue, thus turning those that believe they are vegans into… cannibals?

The importance of knowing what you are putting in your body is of utmost importance. Here’s some of the resources that Karen and Jeff recommend:

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