Golden Retriever Is Surprised That He Cannot Sits Because It Doesn’t Fits

6 years ago

Dog owners often don’t stop at owning only one dog, and this owner happened to have two dogs, one large and the other one small. Both dogs have their own sleeping beds, one is big and the other one is small, fitting their body sizes. But, what happens if they trade beds? This hilarious video of a big dog trying to fit in the tiny bed is like driving a round peg into a square hole!

This video was filmed on November 6, 2017 in Campinas, Sao Paulo, Brazil and shows two dogs. The small dog is comfortably sleeping in what appears to be big dog’s crib. Unfortunately for the big dog, his bed is taken and he tries to figure out how to sleep in the tiny dog bed, suitable for the small dog. It wasn’t as easy as it sounds. The principle “If it fits, I sits” doesn’t apply here, and that is no surprise!

It is funny to see the Golden retriever hopelessly struggling to fit in the tiny space. He fails miserably trying to get some sleep in a bed half his size. All this big dog wants is a nice, comfortable bed and is that too much to ask for?

The dog tries and tries, but he fails to fit into the small bed, because he just couldn't get his whole body to corporate. Too bad, the bigger bed next to him is already taken, of course by the smaller dog who decided to take ownership.

Looks like these two need to readjust their sleeping arrangements because the only thing this poor Golden Retriever manages to fit in the tiny crib is his bottom, with half of his body out of the comfy bed.

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