Newfoundland Dog Powers Up Hill in Deep Alaskan Snow

BirchLeafPhoto Published November 18, 2017 0 Plays

Rumble Delta is an 8-year-old Newfoundland Dog who absolutely LOVES snow! We take her out on our remote property in Alaska and she loves to romp and play. Newfoundlands are actually water dogs who rescue people who might be struggling in the water. They have thick, water repellant coats, as well as webbed feet, and are extremely powerful. Newfoundlands have had many jobs besides rescuing people in water to include pulling wagons, and they were also used in Alaska over 100 years ago during mail routes to deliver mail from one bush Alaska town to another. They were harnessed in tandem dog teams and forged through rivers and snow to deliver the mail before Alaska was a state. Delta is a former trained service dog who is now our loving pet. Extremely well behaved, she does help me out around our property. She weighs about 140 lbs and is over 5 feet tall when she stands on her hind legs. Her thick coat serves her well in our remote part of Alaska. Delta Junction, our small town, can experience days of -40 below zero and colder during the winter months. We typically have snow on the ground about 8 months out of the year, so with her furry coat and powerful legs, she is very well suited to this area. In the last week, we have received nearly 2 feet of snow, and it was still coming down today. Our home is situated on the edge of a ridge on our property, and the drop off you see in the video is about 30 feet almost straight down. She is curious and was really enjoying the opportunity to wander, but it only took a little encouragement to see her climb right back up the snow-covered hill again. You can tell she loves being outside, enjoying all this weather brings.