America’s Dangerous Future: 20 Million Muslims

7 months ago

Good morning. Today’s monologue was contributed by Frosty Wooldridge, and it concerns America’s Dangerous Future of 20 Million Muslims.

Have you noticed all the pro-Hamas marches in America since October 7, 2023? Have you noticed who leads them? Have you noticed their chants of death to all Jews? Have you noticed that they carry Palestinian flags along with Islamic black flags?

Who leads those marches? Some of the 4,000,000 Muslim immigrants allowed into America by some D.C. bureaucrat who never studied the Qur’an! Their politically-based religion is the only religion in America that wants to destroy our U.S. Constitution. They will install Sharia Law as dictated by their Qur’an. Barack Obama, a Muslim, said, “I want to fundamentally change America.” What did he mean? He meant he wanted to remake America based on Islam and Sharia Law.
If you look out across the USA’s big cities where Muslims dominate, you are already seeing the seeds of our destruction as a Republic. Islam does not tolerate free speech or religious choice. No women’s rights, whatsoever!

At some point, with chain migration, we Americans face 20 million Muslims bent on destroying the United States of America. It’s almost beyond comprehension that a 6th century barbaric religion could not only grab a foothold into America, but become dominant in states like Michigan, New York and Minnesota.

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