Broke and Constipated DeSantis Shill Bill Mitchell Dumps His Hero

2 months ago

Bill Mitchell's big grift is apparently over. His Ron DeSantis money well has apparently dried up leaving poor Shill Bill not only broke but severely constipated as well. As an excuse for pulling out of the DeSantis shill racket, Shill Bill recently claimed he conveniently stubbed his toe while watching a football game which sent him to the hospital. Which is more ridiculous? Getting hospitalized for a stubbed toe or for having an ingrown toenail? While in the hospital, Mitchell whined that shilling for DeSantis sent him to the poorhouse with a horrible case of constipation to boot. His GiveSendGrift goal also fell hilariously short as you can see in the video.

If you care at all for Bill Mitchell you can still send money to his GiveSendGrift account. Even if you disagree with his grifting politics, then perhaps you can think of it as contributing to raising constipation awareness. Please help him! Please give a crap about Bill Mitchell!

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