Video NN: The Church in China

5 months ago

This is a recording of a live stream of the Faith Debate radio show doing an in-studio recording session. This behind-the-scenes look makes you a fly on the wall as we conclude our interview of a Chinese national who lives in Singapore.
Troy Skinner. Pastor, Household of Faith in Christ
David Forsee. Pastor, multi-location house church
Daniel Razvi. Pastor, Church That Meets at Imran's
Imran Razvi. Founder, Conquered By Love Ministries
Moses Fu. Christian convert from China now living in Singapore
During our time together we recorded four episodes of The Faith Debate radio program discussing:
Christian conversion in the context of a deeply secular Asian culture
Importance of retaining Chinese culture even in the church
Most offensive part of Christianity in China
Status of the church in China and misunderstandings between the CCP & churches
Throughout the discussion there was a unifying thread addressing the implications for growing the Christian church in a societies that are either pre-Christian or post-Christian. Due to a technical mishap, the full studio session was unfortunately not recorded. This video contains the final of four radio shows. All four will be available as audio podcasts in 2024. The easiest way to find these podcasts, once they are uploaded, will be to visit the Household of Faith in Christ website.

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