"Into The Light"– Full Documentary (2023)

5 months ago

"Into The Light"– Full Documentary (2023)
Know how we are all being Manipulated. Psyops are behind every war. We are constantly bombarded with propaganda.

From the creators of "Out of Shadows", we bring you "Into the Light".
Into the Light is a movie made to bring to the surface that psychological operations are present and active in today's society. Into the Light will feature experts in psychological operations and mainstream media manipulation such as General Michael Flynn, Lara Logan, Brian Gamble, Dr. Keith Rose, Boone Cutler, and Mike Smith. This project brings an unbiased viewpoint to the control being done through psychological operations.

We hope that this movie brings to light the problems that need to be addressed.
Our goal is to activate a community of people who are not afraid to stand up for the truth and make a change.

Check Out "OUT OF SHADOWS" if you enjoyed this Documentary:

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