Dr. Keren Epstein-Gilboa - May 18, 2023 - Ottawa, Ontario

7 months ago

Dr. Keren Epstein Gilboa explains the Nudge program that was used against the population all over the world is based on behavioural science. Implemented in Canada by Impact Canada, Dr. Epstein Gilboa said, "this is a quote from the Impact Canada: “Emphasizing collective action, altruism/moral responsibility; emphasizing that self-isolating and physical distancing are altruistic,” in other words, that whole term, social responsibility. That’s part of the Nudge program. There was a continuum."

For the complete witness testimony, transcript, exhibits and more, please visit https://nationalcitizensinquiry.ca/witness/dr-keren-epstein-gilboa

Testimony Code: 2305OTT208

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