Six Simple Drilling Tricks Necessary In Everyday Living

Published November 16, 2017 3,210 Plays

Rumble / Life HacksLife hacks allow people to get task from their everyday life done faster than it meant to be done. It doesn’t require much work to implement those easy life hacks to your everyday life. Now we would like to talk about the video, because it is specific to the drilling life hacks. So now what does this means? It means that for the life hacks shown in this video you need a drill. A little bit more material is required as well as a drill, for exemple, screws and a marker, but we think it is common in every household.

The first life hack that is explained in the video is to shred cheese. We all have this machine to allow us to shred cheese right above our warm dish but it doesn’t always work, the cheese gets stuck on the side of the machine and you need a little bit of force to be able to shred the cheese in little pieces. That’s when the life hack comes in, the video shows how to attach the drill to the back of the machine, with a few screws, and you can now shred your cheese by with your drill. Just press the button and it will make the machine speed as fast as the drill is, which guarantee nice shredded pieces of cheese.

The second life hack featured in the video has the same function as the previous one, just that this time it is faster to just attach a whip to the end of the drill to be able to whip any cream without much arm effort.

During this video, the life hacks are well explained and shown to you, from how to prepare the drill and the other tools, until the person shows as well the final result. For example, the one with the bottle of wine is well explained because the type of screw required is clearly visible and identifiable and how to get the cork out of the bottle as well.

The other hacks shown in the video are really practical and allow to save a lot of time but I would like to go over simple security measures while using such hacks and a drill.
First of all, make sure to be close to an outlet to be able to connect the drill. Another thing that I believe is really important is that the drill used for those kitchen hacks should be new and not have been used previously to work around the house, just to limit the spread of microbes and viruses. This came to our mind as we were watching the different life hacks of the video and especially when the one about the apple came. It might be really easy, fast and practical but the drill is in the middle of the apple during the life hack, hence why it needs to be cleaned properly or brand new. Any children watching this video and thinking about using those life hacks should be supervised by an adult at all times.


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