Here's How To Make A Stylish Bluetooth Speaker

Published November 16, 2017 56 Views

Rumble Music gives a certain flavor to our lives. It has been part of our everyday lives since the beginning of time. As technology advanced, so did the means to reproduce music and before we could wrap our minds around it, we now have speakers that play our music without having to attach them to anything!

So if you want to create a stylish double speaker that connects to your devices via Bluetooth, then this is the tutorial for you!

Concrete might not be everyone’s go-to material when it comes to interior decorating, but its roughness and simplicity of color make it the perfect way to exude your impeccable taste. To turn a simple cinder block into a double Bluetooth speaker, you will need two full range speakers that will fit the holes in the block, a couple of pine boards for the face and back and a Bluetooth amp to connect it all together.

The rest is just knowhow, but there are a lot a schematics that you can find online that will make your life much easier. The power router does give the board a nice touch, rounding the edges and making everything look smooth and professional, but you can skip that and work in some elbow grease with a few grits of sanding paper.

True, this project might not look as awesome if you don’t have the power tools, but can you imagine the pride you will feel when you display the work that you have done with your bare hands?

DIY Bluetooth Speaker made out of a single cinder block and pine board.

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