Expert Driver Saves His Truck From Tipping Over In Croatia

Published November 16, 2017 103,172 Views $238.83 earned

Rumble Truck drivers apparently have an extra driving test to take for their licence. Whenever we see a video of a truck driving under some insane conditions, the driver does something completely insane and saves both his vehicle and the precious load inside of it and we are, like, floored! But when we talk of expert drivers, we have to give a special shoutout to those hailing from Eastern Europe and here’s why.

A video appeared on Facebook from a used named Danijel Drach of a small truck with Polish licence plates (according to the filmer), driving along a road in eastern Croatia. The path of road leading to the small town of Rijeka has been closed off due to extremely strong winds. Traffic has been recalled between the towns of Delnica and Ravna Gora in direction of the capital city Zagreb, after several traffic accidents happened on the A6 motorway.

However, it would seem that this foreign driver didn’t get the memo, so he took his load along this extremely dangerous part of the country and hoped for the best. The footage starts with both vehicles driving along a hillside; the wind is definitely strong, but nothing too alarming. When the hills recede, that is when the fun begins! At one point the wind is so strong, that it manages to lift the lorry’s backside and push it to the left!

This wouldn’t be the expert Eastern European driver that we so proudly announced earlier, if he didn’t save his vehicle from tipping over with one swift move of the steering wheel! There is a moment when we think that he might just fly off like a balloon. The truck dances back and forth to his left, but doesn’t fall over once.

Our hats are off to you, sir!