5 years ago

Family Photo Turns Into Surprise Pregnancy Announcement

Sharing pregnancy news with family is always a special time. Whether you choose to let your loved ones know that you’re expecting through a super-clever and social media-worthy announcement, or you keep it super-simple and old school, it’s always fun to see the reactions of those dear to us when they learn that a new member of the family is on the way.

When Hailey was ready to let her family members know about her pregnancy, she opted for an adorable surprise. She gathered everyone for what they thought was a family photo shoot. They say that a picture is worth a thousand words. Everyone thought they were hopping in for a quick picture, but then had no clue what was actually going to happen. Seems innocent enough, right?

After taking the first photo, just when everyone got ready to smile for the second photo and say “Cheese”, you hear one of the brothers yell out "say Hailey's pregnant!", Hailey's mother Lili was caught in the moment and went along with it, not realizing the announcement that was made. It takes a few attempts before Lili finally realizes that her daughter is trying to tell her she's pregnant! Epic!

However, it wasn't until the third picture was being taken that the truth really sunk in. Lili realized that this wasn't a joke and her kids were announcing their pregnancy to the family. This was such a creative way to do a pregnancy announcement and it will definitely be a moment that they will never forget!

This is the sweet moment when everyone realizes the good news.The family can barely contain their excitement, embracing each other and breaking into shrieks and smiles. What an absolutely precious way to give family the good news! We wish this growing family all the best!

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