Homeopathy treats you as a WHOLE. Demystifying Homeopathy with Amrita Desaram

4 months ago

Homeopathy treats you as a WHOLE. Demystifying Homeopathy with Amrita Desaram

Amrita Desaram, a seasoned and gifted homeopath, schools us on how homeopathy treats us as whole beings, body, mind and spirit. You can't treat one without the others. She explains how homeopathic remedies are totally individualized to each person based on their make up, their history, their trauma - and speaking of trauma, homeopathy treats that too - because if the root of illness isn't addressed, then the illness can't really be healed.
This lovely conversation shines light on a topic that most of us don't understand at all. I've personally had such great results with my homeopathy sessions, that I wanted to share this road to freedom through true health. After all, health IS our greatest wealth.
And illness is a rite of passage.

Amrita's website: https://amritadesaram.com
Amrita's Instagram: @thehomeopathcook

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