JUAN O SAVIN- JFK & NWO Bloodline Families- PART TWO Tom Numbers 11 27 2023

2 months ago

This PART TWO is a rare moment for Juan with a walk on the beach in Kona HI. The JFK Assassination that just passed 11 22 1963- 11 22 2023 exactly 60 years ago.. our President was KILLED by factors that made no sense back then.. and many still do not see the "connections". Juan explains the multiple shooters and the way that the Media and Political elite twisted the Facts in the Warren commission report and afterwards holding back the JFK files that now are still under the protection of exposure. What the rest of the show talks about it the way that this all was PLANNED far in Advance. OUR ENTIRE HISTORY was based on Symbolism and Technocracy. This also describes the Great Theater as Pawns in the Game. It is all now being reveled. Bloodline Families are the way that it has been created. How did they get by with this POWER and CONTROL. The Rockefeller Family was behind many of our Presidents like Bill Clinton. The Book Juan references is Albert Pikes "Morals and Dogma" a worthy read for the history of the Masons. Nothing has changed. The Future proves Past. The NUMBERS are the "Fingerprint" of the FAMILIES behind the Occulted Symbolism. This is what we MUST DEFEAT.
Realizing that it is THEIR GAME not OURS. Are we thinking too small? Act Locally but THINK Globally. Trump will be visiting Argentina .. with a new very popular President. A popular man much like Trump. There is a "crack" in the Deep State Hold on the World. Will we live to see this all disintegrate.. yes we will.. it is already happening.

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