People Admit To Binge-Watching Netflix Shows In Public Restrooms

WTMJMilwaukee Published November 15, 2017 30 Plays

Rumble To those of you who love television, watching an ongoing show can be nerve wracking - waiting for the next episode to come out, while contemplating about what might happen, because the previous one ended in a cliffhanger...Yeah, that can be a pain in the rear end.

But with the appearance of <a href="" target="_blank">Netflix</a>, an online TV show streaming platform which offers the benefit of ALL the episodes in a show’s season, people have had less of a problem binging on their favorite content. But this creates a very different problem.

Many of us "<a href="" target="_blank">binge watch</a>" at home. But to watch a show in a public restroom? A new survey from Netflix says you are not alone and it’s happening often. Netflix released a survey and found 67% of people are binge watching in public -- and 12% of those people say they've done it in a public bathroom.

Not only that, but apparently not many people are embarrassed about it either. In the survey, Netflix said most people have laughed out loud while watching a show in public. Also, nearly half of those surveyed say they had strangers interrupt them to talk about what they're watching, while in public. Isn’t personal space sacred anymore?