Little girl receives birthday puppy surprise

Published November 15, 2017 18,435 Plays

Rumble / Heartwarming FamiliesCheck out Elora's heartwarming reaction when she gets a new puppy for her birthday. Amazing!


  • DavidDeCicco, 2 years ago

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  • valerie22, 1 year ago

    Did she already drop the puppy once? And someone said "That's OK"?... I sure hope you impressed upon the small children that they puppy could get hurt from being dropped on a hard floor or any floor/ground. This is one of the problems with small children having baby pets... Anyways, sure hope you explained they need to be Very careful when holding it. We had some neighbors that got a puppy for their toddler! that was carrying it around by its arms wrapped around its neck/head, and strangled the poor little thing to death. NO SUPERVISION! and Abuse really, by parents not being careful with a small child with a little baby puppy. They had the nerve to come over and ask for another puppy! We said "Are you kidding?!--you let the baby kill that one! He is not old enough to be left alone with a baby puppy or have a pet. You are not supervising."

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  • Boybn02413, 46 weeks ago

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