Dogs Get Absolutely Thrilled For The First Snow Of The Season

Published November 14, 2017 5,022 Views

Rumble / Dogs & PuppiesWinter is the most magical time of the year and everybody gets excited for the first snow and the amazing white surrounding it brings. A forgotten sense of fun is fully renewed for these pups as they get ecstatic about the first snowfall of the season. Winter is here!

After every big snow storm you can expect to see at least one viral video of an adorable animal romping around in the fresh snow. The novelty of snow can make an animal feel curious about its environment, and stimulate him or her to see it in a new way. Plus, snow just feels good. Snow is cold, it’s invigorating, it’s energizing, it feels good on the skin or the fur. Snow gives opportunity for new games.

It may be cold outside, but not too cold for these crazy pooches who absolutely love playing in the snow. Running, jumping, playing, these dogs just can't get enough of the snow, it's so fun! We love watching animals play in the snow partly because that joyous romping looks so human. So what is it about a fresh snow that makes everyone go crazy?
When it snows and dogs run through the snow, they usually tumble around, and trip themselves so that they fall down. They’ll wrestle, and slide down little hills on their butts.They enjoy making up games, and they enjoy playing them. These kinds of playful behaviors are a lot more likely if the snowfall is unexpected, for instance, if it snows all night while the animal is snug indoors.

Watch as these dogs enjoy the white covering, and adorably munch on the snowflakes, eating the snow like it was the tastiest food on the planet. Moments later, they start rolling in the snow, and make dog-like snow angels. Then they start chasing each other, and cuddling with the snow. They simply cannot contain their excitement!

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