Rod Lampard Interview - Javier Milei & the Stuggle Against Marxism - ExCandidates Episode 91

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We are joined by freelance writer Rod Lampard, who is published in Caldron Pool, the Spectator Australia, Dads4Kids and the Canberra Declaration.

Rod returns to the show, having appeared on episodes 45 and 69 of the ExCandidates, this time to discuss World issues that he has recently written about in Caldron Pool.

Our conversation weaves around the recent election of Javier Milei as President of Argentina, as well as the account of Xi Van Fleet who grew up during the Cultural Revolution in China. Both topics deal with elements of socialism, communism and Marxism and how they can infest society and our education system.

Rod argues his case for civics, logic and theology to return to the classroom as opposed to the modern rise of wokeism that prevails currently.

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