Camel youngster gets frightened, cries out for mamma

Published November 13, 2017 2,378 Plays $4.12 earned

Rumble / Funny & Cute AnimalsThis was filmed in the deserts of Dubai. As part of a desert tour, tourists were dropped off at a small camel compound where tourist could pay to ride camels. The larger camels were locked up in a cage while the smaller baby camels roamed freely around the area. This baby camel was frightened by some tourists who had approached it hoping to get a selfie. The baby camel then walked over to the cage and started calling for its parents. The video isn't able to pick the sound up, but the tourists could hear an adult camel faintly returning the baby camels cries. It was a very sad moment and many of the tourists wouldn't go for a camel ride after experiencing this.