Woman Obsessed With Pet Goat Puts On A Mask To Become One

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Published: November 13, 2017Updated: November 14, 2017

Tokyo resident Aya Shinozuka became really lonely and depressed when her beloved dog passed away. It was then when she encountered goat Shiropen while she was doing research on pets that can communicate with humans, other than dogs. Honestly, there were some tough times raising a pet goat, especially because there is very little information available, but her life was filled to the brim with goats before she knew it!

This woman became obsessed with her pet goat. She feeds him hay from a bucket, she gives him bath and she walks him around the neighborhood in a stroller. In a nutshell, she treats him like her own human baby! Not that much of a pet, but a baby!
Shiropen is an African type of goat called a pygmy goat. Aya took him when he was only one and a half months old and has lived with him ever since. Unlike dogs and cats, information about pet goats is hard to come by so Aya had to learn step-by-step about the process of raising a goat. She read a lot of special books and consulted with other pet owners on the way. There is no doubt that these two share a special bond!

Owner says that goats can learn just as many tricks as dogs, and can communicate just as well with humans. That was the reason why Aya got interested in goats. Walks are important for Shiropen’s health so Aya takes him out when the weather is good, and they both enjoy having nice strolls.

The funny thing is this owner never paid too much attention to goats in the past, but after she got Shiropen, she got hitched to goats, and started buying goat related stuff like toys, books and goat related decorations and clothing. She even had a mask in a shape of goat imported from England. She puts the mask on and pretends to be a goat, imagining what it feels like! Is this crazy or yes! Talk about obsession!

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