The Monkey Business In This Japanese Bar Will Make You Go Bananas

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Published: November 13, 2017Updated: November 14, 2017

People come from all over the world to meet the famous waitress at this bar called Kayabuki. She is unique and very special and most importantly she is paid in bananas. The waitress is this 17-year-old monkey called Fuku-chan who helps pass out napkins, beer and other things to customers.

It all began when Kayabuki’s owner handed a napkin to Yacchan, the first monkey who become waiter and he brought it out to the guests. Fuku-chan started imitating Yacchan when she was 3 and has continued ever since. The bar also has several other baby monkeys and customers can take pictures with them. When work is over they get paid in bananas. How adorable!

Kaoru Otsuka, owner of this bar, introduced the idea of monkeys serving customers like waiters. This monkey business attracted global attention and before he knew it, his little bar became a hit and has been going strong for 29 years.

Are you running a restaurant and can’t afford to hire waiters? Well, you could take a cue from this Japanese restaurant in Utsunomiya, Tochigi prefecture, Japan which hired monkeys for the job. In an attempt to make them look more human they dressed them up in cute, little uniforms!

The Kayabukiya Tavern looks like any other traditional-style Japanese 'sake-house' restaurant.
However, once you walk into the modest premises it quickly becomes apparent that human waiters have been replaced by adorable monkeys.

This Japanese restaurant has changed the face of customer service by employing monkeys to help with the table service. Actually, the monkeys are even better waiters than some really bad human ones.

Originally, owner kept the monkeys as household pets, but once he realized they were capable of working in the restaurant he gave them this role to play.

Watch how amazed these guests are when they call out for more beer and get served by one, personally delivered by the monkey! It’s amazing how it understands human words!

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