Strongman Shows Off Amazing Skills At Pulling Panzer T-34 Tank With Own Body Weight

ViralVideoUKPublished: November 13, 20171,074 views
Published: November 13, 2017

A bodybuilding 'strongman' has become the center of attraction after pulling an astonishing stunt where he proved to have amazing pulling power after managing to drag Panzer T 34 Tank with his own body weight.

Footage shows this strongman pulling on a tank, weighing 26 tons on a dirt road at a distance of 236 inches. This amazing clip was filmed on 29th July in 2015 and shows a man pulling on this massive vehicle with its own body mass. This guy shows some serious upper-body strength and drags the machine through dirt like it is a piece of cake! Amazing power!

The tank with a legendary reputation. Back in the days, T-34 was the new armored vehicle of the Soviet Union featuring 76-millimeter gun and a thick sloped armor, cruising at more than 35 miles per hour. It possessed many advanced design features for the time and was powerful enough to blow German Panzers to Hell.

World War II German Field Marshall Ewald Von Kleist described the T-34 as the finest tank in the world, while experts and historians refer to is as the best tank of the war.

The origins of the T-34 are simple, the Red Army sought a replacement for the BT-7 cavalry tank, which was fast-moving and lightly armored for use in maneuver warfare, but during a 1938-to-1939 border war with Japan, the BT-7 fared poorly. Even with a low-powered gun, Japanese Type 95 tanks easily destroyed the BT-7s. Tank attack crews also assaulted the BT-7s with Molotov cocktails, reducing the Soviet tank to a flaming wreck when ignited gasoline dripped through chinks between poorly welded armor into the tank’s engine compartment.

The T-34 was the solution. It kept the Christie suspension, replaced the gasoline engine with a V-2 34 V12 diesel power plant and offered the crew speeds that were 10 miles per hour faster than the German Panzer III or Panzer IV. Furthermore, the T-34’s high-velocity gun was capable of killing any tank in the world at the time.

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