Chimpanzee on the Loose?!

28LabPublished: November 13, 2017Updated: November 14, 2017
Published: November 13, 2017Updated: November 14, 2017

On February 7th, 2017, Tokyo’s Tama Zoological Park held a practice drill for what to do in the event an animal escaped from its enclosure. It is a drill held once a year alternating between Tama Zoological Park and the Ueno Zoo, and the scenario was a chimpanzee fleeing from its keepers. Though the chimpanzee was a costumed staff member, there were those among the unknowing park visitors who thought a chimpanzee had actually escaped as they watched it harass the drill participants, who were equipped like it was the real deal with tranquilizer guns. Altogether 80 people, from police officers to fire fighters participated in the drill.

The person who dresses up as the animal is typically a new staff member. This time the chimpanzee keeper, Mr. Yosuke Taguchi played the part. In the past there have been drills for lions, snow leopards, and orangutans, and a chimpanzee, milu deer, red panda, and hermit ibis have actually escaped before.

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