You Can Now Ride A Go-Kart Through The Streets Of Tokyo

28LabPublished: November 13, 2017Updated: November 14, 201720 views
Published: November 13, 2017Updated: November 14, 2017

Gliding across the streets of Tokyo in a go-kart. No one would have believed it, but now tourists, both foreign and Japanese, are talking about just such a thing. Akiba Cart, near Akihabara station, is providing the service.

Because the <a href="" target="_blank">go-karts</a> are treated as miniature cars, all you need is a normal driver’s license to ride them, making them widely available to anyone, and you don’t have to use a seat belt or wear a helmet either. Many of their patrons wear costumes when they ride the karts, and once they are on the road they become the center of attention. Due to this, they are used not only by tourists, but also in event promotions and advertisements.

The founder of the company, Daisaku Koyama, came up with the idea for the service. He says he was inspired by the French prankster, Remi Gaillard, who made a video depicting <a href="" target="_blank">Mario Kart</a> on real roads. He decided he wanted to start “a safe service where you can ride unusual vehicles," and started the company in April of 2013.

The service, which was brought about through sheer coincidence, is now breathing new life into Tokyo’s tourist scene. Just drop by in Koyama’s underground lair, pick a costume of your own desire (you can choose from a wide variety of plush costumes, Like Mario and Luigi, Buzz Lightyear, Batman or your favorite Pokemon), grab that go-kart and go, go, go!

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