You Can Now Audition For A Full-Time Ninja Position

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Published: November 13, 2017Updated: November 14, 2017

Full-time Ninja job can be as serious as any other job on the labor market. Young or old, boys or girls, it does not matter. If you can do stunt stuff, spin on your head, do your jiu-jitsu or karate moves, then you are qualified for this audition.

In the prefecture Aichi which is located in Central Japan was held an audition where ninjas from different places were presenting their skills in front of the jury, hoping to become part of the big Ninja family. This time, 235 applicants of which 85 percent were foreigners, tried their luck.Those ninjas that will gain the sympathies of the jury and are hired, will receive a one-year contract with monthly pay of 180,000 yen plus bonus.

As the advert said, applicants of all nationalities are welcomed, a huge numbers of young boys and older men, girls at young age came in this place. First they presented themselves in front of the jury saying why it is so important for them to become full-time ninjas and then started the fun part. Some of them were making somersaults, others were doing their martial arts, while the others were showing their dancing skills synchronizing them with the music they have chosen for their performance.

If you want to know how flexible a man can be, then the best for you to get convinced is to watch the following video.

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