Creative 3D Latte Artist Makes Coffee Tell Beautiful Stories

Published November 13, 2017 1,492 Plays

Rumble With the invention of the 3D printer and the 3D movie, next comes the 3D Latte Art.
3D latte art is an art style where the artist uses whipped cream to decorate coffee cups with all sorts of shapes and designs. They say it was invented and spread throughout the world by Barista Kazuki Yamamoto.

Yamamoto’s work encompasses a wide range of designs, from animals to popular characters. The Cat and Rabbit that he made during our interview with him were so adorable that we hesitated to drink them. We went to the cafe that Yamamoto manages, called “Reissue,” in Harajuku, to see what 3D Latte Art is like in person.

Kazuki came up with the idea of 3D Latte Art while he was working at a restaurant and started uploading his Latte Art works on SNS. His amazing work became famous in no time, especially the one with the cat hunting fish for which he used two cups. In the first cup we can see the cat stretching out with to reach the two fish swimming in the second cup. His coffee work looks like a painting.

After sharing his work on the internet, he started to gain fame and was invited to various events worldwide. That is when he met the owner of the cafe in Harajuku and settled down as a manager.

Yamamoto advises that the most important thing is to make a smooth cream which of course depends on the quality of milk. Of course, there is a certain balance that needs to be followed.
He believes that it is the idea that counts, and not what he does and what he uses. Others may copy the way he does it, but he believes that nobody can copy his ideas, and he is confident about that.
The 3D Latte Art is something that goes away in a flash, but leaves the consumer with happiness for a while.