5 years ago

This Adorable Baby Loves Watching The TV Show Jeopardy

"Jeopardy!" is a classic game show -- with a twist. The answers are given first, and the contestants supply the questions. Three contestants, including the previous show's champion, compete in six categories! The game where your most valuable resource is your mind. The pace is lightning quick, there’s no multiple choice, and there’s no phoning a friend. It’s a game that everybody loved and The show features a quiz competition in which contestants are presented with general knowledge clues in the form of answers, and must phrase their responses in the form of questions. Simply exciting!

Well, a matter of fact not only grown-ups thought that this game was exciting, little kids found this game exciting too. This kid love watching the TV show “Jeopardy!” no toy can be exciting as this show. His parents say: "Over the past few days my fiancée and I have noticed that our 13-month old baby boy drops whatever he's doing, wherever he is and makes a mad dash for the TV whenever Jeopardy comes on. We watch other programs with the baby around, but this is the only one that he does this for!"

Naturally, children learn more when they watch TV or use apps with a parent. Content matters, a lot. All programs educate kids about something, but stick with ones that are designed to teach children stuff they should actually know like language and math. This little boy will learn a lot from this quiz! Sweet boy!

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