Family Of Bears Rudely Intrude Into Household And Feast On Cat Food

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Published: November 12, 2017

Two cubs managed to squeeze through a six-inch opening of a sliding glass door and were eating food in our living room. One of the cubs left right away, but the second one took his time as he was eating cat food. The cubs were eating as mama bear was looking through the window and watching them.

Talk about friendly neighbors when you see this family of bears shamelessly breaking into a home in Monrovia, California, USA, on November 9, 2017 raiding the place for food. How rude!

Footage shows a man talking to a bear through a glass door, as the bear munches on the cat foot. Apparently this bear broke into the house through a slight door opening and was feasting on some delicious cat food.

The man is chasing the bear away by slamming the glass door and saying “out”. Moments later, the cup is heading for the yard and leaves the living room, as if it understood man’s command. As soon as the bear is outside, the man shuts the door closed and observes through the second glass door as the bears are enjoying their time in their yard, and one is even drinking water from the pool.

This family often leaves the sliding glass door cracked in order for their cats to get in and out. Apparently, that small opening was just big enough for a large bear cub to slip inside and taste the cat food. Eventually the bears left the household, but not before investigating the family's nice swimming pool.

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