Experience The Love Frequency - 528 Hertz - For Sound Healing & Positive Transformation

6 months ago

528 Hz full body regeneration, ancient frequency music, cleansing and positive transformation, miracle sound to attract love, open the heart chakra with 528 Hz Solfeggio frequency. free negative blockages caused by man made frequencies such as 4G at 2.4 gHertz and 5G at 8.4 gHertz up to 60 gHertz.
528 Hertz known as the Solfeggio frequency transformation, helps provide a field of energy for maintaining normal cell organization and strengthening cell membranes to protect against man made harmful frequencies.

Experience Self Love - Healing Meditation Music at 528 Hertz - Old Solfeggio Frequency of Love. This calming and relaxing music will help you realize that love and self-love are at the root of your true and everlasting divine nature.

The Solfeggio frequency of 528 Hertz has great potential to positively influence our lives on all levels.

In addition, studies have shown that the frequency of 528 Hertz reduces anxiety and stress-reducing effects on the endocrine and autonomic nervous systems.

Listening to 528 Hertz music significantly increases the level of the happiness hormone oxytocin. For this reason it is also called "love frequency".

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Listening recommendation:
The effect of the frequency music is best perceived through headphones. Take some time out, find a comfortable, relaxed position while sitting or lying down, take a few deep breaths and the sound journey can begin

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