7-Year-Old Phenom Displays Elite Basketball Skills

TeamenzoTVPublished: November 11, 2017Updated: November 13, 2017252,766 views
Published: November 11, 2017Updated: November 13, 2017

LeBron James, Stephen Curry and Carmelo Anthony are some of the names that dominate basketball. However, this star in the making is steadily building a huge legion of fans and already threatening to get his name in the spotlight. Way to go Enzo!

Meet Enzo Lee, the passionate basketball player from Jacksonville, Florida who has a serious disposition of becoming the next NBA star. Watch as this seven-year-old flaunts his basketball dribbling, shooting and dunking skills. He shows off incredible ball-handling skills on the court. This video showcasts some of his best moves including his formed jump shot and spider-dribbling skills. Amazing!

Although Enzo Lee is only a kid, his talents rise well above that. His advanced ball-handling skills and a formed jump shot, along with a natural love and understanding of the game, make only sky be the limit for this talented athlete! Check out his moves!

Young Enzo started developing his skills with the big ball when he was only three years old. He might have been the pipsqueak on the court, but his talent is beyond his age. He has been playing in leagues with kids 8 years of age, even joined an AAU team for seven-year-olds. Enzo Lee may only be 7-years-old, but his talents rise well above that!

Seeing these child-prodigies take off so young should really inspire the rest of the world to let their own kids follow their own dreams and ambitions. If they are really good at something, allow them to pursue it and they will never have to work a day in their lives!

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