Lazy Pekingese puppy thinks he's human

Published November 10, 2017 5,088 Plays

Rumble / Dogs & PuppiesYou won't want to miss this hilarious 6 second video that has already gone viral on Instagram! Henry the lazy Pekingese puppy dog relaxes by lying belly up in his owner's bed in Williamsburg, Brooklyn in New York City. He is thinking that he definitely does not want to go to work today and is wondering if actually needs to have a job! His cute fat belly is full of treats but he is a tiny boy and still only weighs four lbs! He definitely is quite the character with a funny personality. He decides to act like a human and take up the bed so that his owner has no where to lay down. He gives serious side eye contact and causes his owner to laugh!

Henry is an adorable rescue puppy who was discovered on Pet Finder in New Jersey and was adopted in August of 2017. He had four adorable litter mates / sisters who were also adopted at the same time as him, and two of his sisters were able to reconnect with him on Instagram after seeing his video go viral on all the cutest pet accounts! He also lives with another Pekingese girl who is 8 years old and quite grumpy but she is definitely warming up to her adorable new baby brother! He loves to be spoiled in his new home and has no problems stealing the bed from his mom. His favorite hobby is sleeping and lying in bed with his belly in the air as you can tell from the video. He was born on June 22 of 2017 and was three months old when this video was taken on September 23 of 2017. He is soft and fluffy with black hair and light brown eyebrows, face, and feet. Henry can be followed on Instragram at @henrythepekingese for more hilarious videos and cute photos!