This Toddler Has Had Enough Of Dad's Game With The Maracas

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Published: November 10, 2017

The maracas have been around for a very long time. The hollow gourd-like instrument is called by many names, rumba shakers and shac-shacs to include some. They are widely present in in many genres of Caribbean and Latin music and lately in children’s toys.

Now, given how not-quite-pleasing they are, unless accompanied by other instruments, we begin to wonder. What kind of a person would make a toy that just rattles and makes this weird noise, then give it to kids? Apparently, this kid thought that exact same thing. And what she did to her dad had us applauding.

It seems that this toddler wants nothing to do with her dad playing the maracas! In fact, she won't even let her dad hold them! No matter how many times he tries, she refuses to let him even give them a little shake. Why should he, they are so annoying!

So what, just because he is her dad, he can disrupt her peace? No way, daddio! As soon as she hears the rattling noise, she comes to his side, running and babbling some baby gibberish. From everything that comes out of her tiny mouth, the only thing we could discern is a word we say in our heads as we watch. “No! No! No!” She then proceeds to grab the maracas from dad’s hands and place them as far from him as she can muster. But she doesn’t leave the premises without giving dad a scolding look-down for being so disrespectful of her wishes.

That is so friggin’ adorable!

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