Little Girl Gives The Best Speech At Her Uncle's Wedding

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Published: November 10, 2017

This little girl is seriously melting the hearts of every single person at this wedding! When she starts talking about the day she was born, to when she turned four, she takes making it about her to a whole new level! Then she receives a reminder about what she's actually there for!

This is, hands down, the best wedding speech ever! We’re pretty sure that it will take a while to make a better speech than this one. Whoever thought that giving the flower girl a microphone was a good idea is a genius.

From the heart-melting best friend speeches, to the excruciatingly embarrassing memories of you as a kid told by none other than your 64-year old uncle, they never cease to amaze us. What makes this wedding speech so special is the fact that this little girl is as confident as any other stage performer out there and she doesn’t seem to doubt a thing her parents told her about how she came to be in this world.

The story she tells about her own birth, the way she’s not shy at all to tell her uncle that she loves him is what makes her the recipient of a round of applause and hearty chuckles from the wedding goers.

We sincerely hope that she stays as honest and funny as she is right now and doesn’t let adulthood curb her wings. After all, laughter is priceless.

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