Couple Discovers Odd Detail In Photo They Took At The Shining Hotel

TipHeroPublished: November 10, 20176,134 views
Published: November 10, 2017

You've all probably heard of the famous movie "The Shining", directed by Stanley Kubrick. It's an adaptation of a Stephen King's novel, and it's considered to be a masterpiece of horror cinema. What you didn't know is that the Stanley Hotel hosted the horror novelist Stephen King, serving as inspiration for the infamous Overlook Hotel in his 1977 bestseller The Shining and its 1980 film adaption of the same name, as well as the location for the 1997 miniseries. Today, it includes a restaurant, spa, and bed-and-breakfast and provides guided tours which feature the history and alleged paranormal activityof the site.

Speaking of paranormal, the couple in this video had a rather unsettling discovery when they browsed through pictures they took in that very same hotel. They say a picture they took with an LG phone features something that appears to be the ghost of a blond girl in white garments and slippers, and she appears to be holding something in her hands - perhaps a doll or a teddy bear.

They sent the picture to the Huffington Post, and although many people discarded the picture as photoshopped, they claim that they don't even know how to use most of the apps on the phone. What do you think - is the picture tampered with or is it genuine?

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